About us

Apart from many years of expertise in ESL and endless hours of contact time with students, our teachers also have at their finger tips an assortment of audio-visual resources. This includes the latest in education technology such as Interactive Whiteboards (Smartboards) in each classroom. This aids in creating a valuable ‘heads-up’, interactive approach to language learning where the students are directly involved. English language learning has never been more productive, interesting and above all fun!

teaching guidelines

we believe in active learning
not passive teaching

One of our main concerns is each student’s various learning needs and personal objectives; we recognise that each student is an individual and should therefore be treated as one.

Progress Private Institute believes in active learning not passive teaching!

With the use of IWBs, classroom learning is enhanced since all course books are available in digital format making each lesson 'interactive'. Teachers are able to display scanned images, large format videos in addition to having instant access to the Internet and the vast array of information it has to offer. Students also benefit from having their own personal e-book software available to them, further expanding their English language learning in the comfort of their own home.